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Passion, anger, love, lust, despair, & excitement! Wordplay: Poetry for the Soul overflows with the gambit of emotions exhibited by its author Andrew R. Boyd.

Andrew has persevered through incredible trials & tribulations to bring you his unabashed truth, and epitomizes that the present is truly a gift! His personal success inspires & the words that fill these pages will do nothing short of amaze those that take in his message. With heart wrenching verbiage infused with blatant honesty, Andrew Boyd takes you on a thought provoking journey into forever that will leave your sanity conversing in the corners of your mind.

Damnation Cover

The thought provoking journey continues, only to find sanity shrouded in the blood of darkness, struggling to regain its own voice, trapped in a web of Damnation.

As Andrew Boyd attempts to celebrate the beauty of the present, manifestations of betrayal threaten to shatter its very essence. Wordplay: Damnation will leave your cerebrals churning, heart racing, and eyes pregnant with Soul tears as you journey with Andrew through his mental, emotional, and spiritual detox.

Wordplay: Damnation represents the war: an honest, heart-wrenching look at forces that threatened to snatch his Soul into darkness and hold it permanently hostage versus rising above the anarchy to become even wiser and stronger than ever.

LoTS Cover

The dangling remnants of Damnation do not represent the end, but rather a brand new beginning.

Proof of that is evident in Wordplay: Liberation of the Spirit.

In the third installment of the Wordplay series, Andrew Boyd invites the reader as a passenger on a trip full of introspection, sharing his learning, observations, and progress along the way. This work serves as testimony that letting go of the trivial and honesty with self and others are the keys to the Spirit’s true Liberation.

Book Cover Concept 1

Come a little closer. I have some things to tell you…

WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations is where emotions and candidness intersect. Join Andrew in his treks of rationale when he dissects cohesiveness between thoughts and actions, magnifying those instances where they are not in accord.

From feeling great elation for a work being “spot on” to blatant annoyance for “striking a nerve”, there is one thing that is not up for dispute: the oozing of brutal Honesty.


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