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Andrew Boyd, Poet

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Wordplay for the Soul

Andrew-BoydI am a Student of Poetry, Blogging, and Story Telling. I became an Official Self-Published Author February 27, 2013 (Thanks, CreateSpace!). I am one who is Honest to where I Made People Mad, yet they Respect and Respected what I Had and Have to Say.

I am a two-time kidney transplant recipient who looks at the world in a way that gave me perspective as to how my life would be shaped due to my medical experiences, as well as helping others by exuding inspiration and compassion to those around me.

I am a graduate of the Class of 1996 from Germantown-Lankenau Motivational Program Annex, where my writing prowess was born in the 10th Grade, and continued on while attending Arcadia University in 1996. After a writing hiatus in 1997, a trip to New York City in March 2010 reignited my passion for writing. While posting several of my writings on Social Media Outlets, I also performed Spoken Word Poetry in the Philadelphia and New York areas. I am currently performing on Black Poetry Cafe’s (BPC) internet radio show “FEVER FRIDAYS”.


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