It has been Ages since I have been here…

Good day ladies and gentlemen!


Spining Clock

Been a long time, hasn’t it?

I know that I keep saying that I will blog on many a topic and item and will get it up by that week’s end, but… Life.

Life happens. Life is a never-ending story, a long journey where at times we cannot stop and smell those sweet thorny roses that makes us bleed with each prick they give as we do not handle them with care. My writing style has taken on a more poetic approach, yet I have not lost sight of what made my angry ass famous: the Sledgehammer technique.

Those who are familiar with my line of thought and my mouth knows that the Sledgehammer technique has been my ace in the hole for many years. The Sledgehammer technique is the unpopular truth that must and need to be told but not in the name of crushing hopes, aspirations and dreams. It is to help people understand the gravity and reality of situations yet at the same time, learn and grow from it as well as being enlightened by that truth. I know that I have the Iron Fist, yet I am still learning the Velvet Glove despite said glove being too big for my hand. It seems that the Velvet Glove is more like a Velvet Gauntlet where I need to grow some more in order to wield it.

*Shades of Thanos… I want to braid the chin hairs of my Kratos-style beard to look like the Mad Titan’s, yet my girlfriend will look at me funny and I will love her for doing so…*


My Leslie… 💖💖💖


Back to the plot…


I will put in extra effort to blog more this year and going forward, no matter how busy I am at work or in my personal life. The people NEED AND CRAVE to hear from me: the Voice of the Voiceless!

My apologies for Ego Tripping on that last line. It may happen again.



Charlie Murphy Mic Drop

Thank you

Thank you for taking time out to read Andrew Boyd, Poet!

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One response to “It has been Ages since I have been here…

  1. I am a LOL (“little ol’ lady”!!) in B.C.Canada, born & raised in Vancouver. I just “discovered” you on FB and have been “exploring”. I am Not a Poet but I too came to LUV writing/reading poetry in Grade 10. I’ve signed up to see your Blog and on Twitter. It took me an hour to “search” your name and I’m happy to have invested that time!! Esply luv your remarks about “sledgehammer but learning to wear velvet gloves”. I look forward to reading your books (via AMZN).


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