Survival of the Fittest: Who is TRULY Fit to Survive?

**This is a blog that was written in December 2009. It’s relevancy still resonates today.**

DISCLAIMER: These are just my views and opinions. Whether you agree or disagree is your right, and I will respect how you feel. More importantly, I will admire and appreciate your views and opinions on this subject.




Just as the title states, you already know I got the gears turning in my head. I am going to attempt to approach this topic in a philosophical manner.

On December 18, 2009, the homegoing of our old classmate and friend Damon Baylor had me thinking when a young lady took the microphone during the remarks segment of his funeral and she said something that got the gears going in my head:

“Damon didn’t lose his battle with his illness. He won the war, and his reward is no more suffering and no more pain.”

LATER that night, I talked to my close and dear friend, and she talked to me about a trial a friend of hers was going through (she’s in my prayers). I talked to my friend about the funeral and that quote being spoken, and it inspired the titular question (*WINKING @ Bennett: INSIDER!!).

Now, I broke it down by 2 “warring” groups: The Healthy and The Sick.

Let’s examine The Healthy for a quick minute.

From my view (and my views OFTEN tend to catch major heat), The Healthy (as opposed to The Weak) are the physically stronger of the two. They can run faster, pick up heavier things, and do way more than their sick counterparts. They are “the superiors” of the human species. These are the ones we long and desire to be.

We will return to this angle, when we compare them with the next item we are examining: The Sick.

Once again from my view, The Sick are considered “The Inferiors” of the human species by many. We, (myself included) are physically weaker. We cannot run as fast (IF we can run), pick up heavier things (IF we can pick up things in general at all), and we tend to do less because of limitations. This is the situation we all try to avoid at all costs.

I can also apply this thinking to “Transformers.” Autobots fight for and protect the weak. The Decepticons are more for “survival of the fittest: only the strong survive.”

Now, let’s get to the good part.

Which group deserves to live the longest? By comparison, The Healthy (by a supposed popular vote) deserves to live the longest. No flaws, no illness, no diseases. Why should The Sick live? They are the ones with diseases, illness and physical discrepancies!

I’ll tell you why, and it will be marred with controversy, and I can even argue that they are the most deserving to live the longest.

By my logic (remember: it is by MY LOGIC), The Sick have MORE to live for. We have a reason to fight and to be part of The Healthy’s group, albeit that we may or may not be accepted by them as a whole (dependent on the individual). The Sick have something that The Healthy can or cannot begin to understand: an unknown and often unseen inner strength that The Healthy can or cannot begin to fathom unless they are sick themselves!

Perfect example, and I will throw myself under the bus first.

Before I turned 8-years-old, I was a “healthy and normal” child. When I turned 8 and discovered the road on which I was going down medically, I became a “sick” child. I was still trying to understand what was going on, but I knew fully what was going on when I turned 15 and began undergoing dialysis. I realized then what my inner strength was: I discovered my drive, my reason for living. By making this personal discovery, it made me start fighting. It gave me an untapped energy and potential to attempt the almost impossible: To return to being part of The Healthy’s group. I longed to become once again “superior.” But I am very much aware that I MAY NOT get back to the way I used to be, and I accepted this fact. But the key element here is that the fight, my inner strength has not wavered and has not died within me. It is still there and will become and evolve into my legacy: never leaving or dissipating. My legacy will ultimately become a part of those with whom I came in contact over the years during my tenure on this planet.

My best friend’s dad was healthy for a long time. Then his dad had heart bypass surgery. Now, his dad fights hard to live for not only himself, but for his family and friends as well as those he touched during his time here. I am happy to say that he is doing incredibly well!

Our old friend that was put to rest had a war going on inside of his body. He fought for the same reasons I did as well as many other sick people (I can HONESTLY say our reasons are the same). His inner strength and fight did not waver or die with him because it resides in his legacy, his family, his friends, and every single life he touched during his 32-year tenure here on this planet. He fought, and fought DAMN HARD. His spirit did not slow down, or quit while he warred with his illness. In my eyes, he like many other sick people (along with myself), was and is in fact stronger because he fought for what he believed in and fought for what he felt was right for him and his life. When I heard the words spoken in the quotation marks at the beginning of this blog, this is what got me thinking as to who deserves to survive and live the longest.

In this particular argument, The Sick deserves to live the longest, because we as sick people have a little bit more “OOMPH!” to punch the clock and work hard (even put in overtime) to be there for those we have affected during our time here, and we work even harder to make absolutely certain that we leave a permanent impression within those we touched throughout the years.

You may be asking, “What about The Healthy people?” Well, a good number of them have a reason to live and I am not and will not discredit or discount that fact. However, there are a good number of them that are just living, in their words, “with no purpose.” We all have a purpose and a reason to live, some are more aware than others. As far as The Healthy, they do have the drive to live for a reason: the EXACT reasons why The Sick have the drive to live and a reason to live. Yet The Sick fight a little more (or a whole lot) harder to prove themselves to be as strong as The Healthy. The Healthy just need to do a little something called “self realization”: the same philosophy The Sick utilized for so long.



But when we all think about it as a whole, everyone is fit to survive: from the Healthy to the Sick. We are all entitled to live our lives to the fullest: that is our grand design. I am not saying this is “the meaning of Life”, but it could be an amazing start to the enlightenment in that which we are seeking an understanding in regards to what is going on with us all.



~© 2010, © 2017 Andrew Boyd~


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