It Is Only Your After Life… (updated edition)

*NOTE: this blog has been updated from its October 27, 2010 posting date from the Blogger website*


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen!





I told my parents that a Viking (Norse) Funeral would be great for me. Put me on a beautiful longboat, push me out into the Atlantic Ocean and when my body gets to a decent distance, have an archer shoot a flaming arrow at my body to set me aflame. Also, in order to insure that my body is properly burned, dip my underwear in gasoline. Afterwards, have a BBQ and heavily joke about how I am going to Hell in gasoline draws.




Laughing Stock



We all had a great laugh out of it (the Christian Bale looking like Jesus laughing kind), as they know that although spectacular and somewhat morbid and disturbing, I don’t want to go out that way.


That, and the fact that the Catholic faith frowns upon this idea based on this practice being a Pagan ritual (their frowning WILL NOT stop me from REALLY considering this as a means of going out in this world), along with other facts.






Seeing how my family is burying my Great Great Aunt this Friday (October 27, 2010), I have been doing a lot of thinking pertaining to my Final Arrangements when my time to leave this plain of existence arrives. Life Insurance is a must for me, for with my medical condition, My Life isn’t guaranteed.



I already know that I am trying to live My Life to the fullest, with travelling to see friends and interact with them as much as possible, interacting with Family as I receive pearls of wisdom from the elders, and patiently seeking for a young lady with whom I would love to be in a Relationship. Sadly, seeing how many of my family members are passing on (the majority of them being SINGLE AND BROKE), few had Life Insurance to cover their final expenses. This worries me, because my parents seem to be the ones who not only handle the final arrangements (I am watching, listening and learning so when my time comes to bury my parents, I’ll know what to do), they at times are coming out of their pockets as well as other extended family members to cover those expenses due to the deceased not taking the initiative in handling their business which would have made said final arrangements a bit more easier.



I am looking into at least 3 Life Insurance companies with whom I would like to have my Life Insurance handled. Life Insurance is very vital as well as essential to the amount of coverage with which I need to cover all of my funeral expenses when it is my time. Seeing how my kidney transplant is over a year old, I should receive a pretty decent quote as I compare prices with them, and see with whom I will most benefit.



Ladies and Gentlemen, Life Insurance is very critical and a very important item to possess in our Life. Our Life isn’t guaranteed tomorrow, or today for that matter. Any and every thing can happen, and the one thing that we should be mindful of is making certain that when the bill for out Final Arrangements comes across our respective family’s table, we are able to cover that tab.



If I may be afforded the time to bring up a matter of great concern in regards to this topic, I would like to address the stigma about those who are not considering obtaining life insurance.



I have heard MANY a person make remarks such as “I’m not going to get life insurance because I don’t want someone to profit off of my death!”, “If I get life insurance, I am going to be dead the next day!”, “Life insurance costs too much!”, and “If I get life insurance, I will be worth more dead than I am alive!”



To address being dead the following day that you obtain life insurance…



Simply put, if your time comes after you sign your name on the line and make that first payment, then it is your time. Life variables dictate what happens next when it comes to you.



Despite being worth more on the monetary level on paper and in death, no true monetary value can be placed on all that you contribute and have contributed to your life. To have a thought process of that nature is understandable, yet what good is placing your family in dire financial straits when your time comes?



However, How fair and how selfish is it to think that not having Life Insurance to cover your funeral expenses so your family doesn’t go running around trying to gather money and take out loans because you don’t feel the need to have that insurance coverage for you and them to lighten the load? They will already have a lot on their minds and the last thing they need on their already full plates because of your passing is a huge portion of debt served on top of everything that is transpiring at the time.




Here are a few Life Insurance websites that may interest those that need to look into this topic:


For My More Seasoned and Mature Readers in the Philadelphia area:



Please. Obtain Life Insurance Coverage, if you do not have Coverage already.




~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~


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